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Our Methods 

We work with providers, teams and individuals using a reflective learning approach to continuous  improvement.  Excellence is an ongoing process; it is never truly attainable and requires a clear shared vision and operational oversight to maintain best practice. 


We do not instill knowledge,  but encourage a curiosity, a desire to learn and to understand; a passion for being the best.  This isn't online mandatory training; it's not simply a course to attend. Reflection requires thinking, sharing, self-awareness and the integrity to admit when we could have done something better.  It improves communication and teamworking by creating a more open and honest culture. 

We firmly believe that people grow and develop best when they become more self-aware through the practice of reflecting. 


Our training and coaching is based in the real life experiences of the people we work with. It isn't selling a hypothetical perfect world that seems unattainable; it is about helping providers, teams and individuals build a much better, real work world.  It won't be a perfect world, but it will help develop services and staff groups on their individual and collective journey towards excellence. 

When we carry out care home or other service reviews, we spend time speaking with people using the service, their visitors, the staff groups, external agency representatives and professional visitors as well as the managers and provider. We try to really understand the strengths and quality of care and treatment being provided. Only then do we offer insights into where the provider or staff team might want to focus their own improvement work. There is no tick list, no formula for excellence; we believe it has to come from within the service. We might recommend a care home team review their falls prevention strategy to include consideration of activities that promote core stability and improved physical confidence coupled with regular observations of footwear and how clean people's glasses are. We might suggest walking the journeys that people using the service make to identify for themselves where there might be trip hazards, a need for a handrail or improved lighting. 


As Professor Sir Mike Richards, the first UK Chief Inspector of Hospitals, said "Outstanding does not mean perfect". 


Plant Mirror Reflection

Our values 

Chive - our values

Our core values are important to us

  •  Compassion

  •  Honesty 

  •  Innovation 

  •  Value 

  •  Excellent 


We want to work with people and providers who are committed to  similar core values, who aim for the very highest quality and who remain focused on the needs of the people they are serving.


Our core values are shared by all affiliated organisations.

Website Privacy 

Your privacy is important to us. Our Website Privacy Policy can be viewed by clicking on the button below


We believe all people are entitled to live their lives free from abuse, neglect and avoidable harm.  We require all those who work with us to have enhanced level DBS checks and to have completed adult and child safeguarding training.


We will ensure that any concerns about the safety and welfare of people that are identified though our work are addressed appropriately, in line with the legislation and guidance from the country that the concerns relate to. 

Our safeguarding children and safeguarding adults statement can be found using the buttons below.

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