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Our Expertise

We are senior professionals working in health and social care who are committed to supporting providers to work with their staff to offer a safe, effective, caring, responsive service that is led by skilled managers, executives and board members. 


Our team offers regulatory, clinical and leadership expertise in;

  • Acute healthcare (both NHS and Independent healthcare)

  • Adult social care

  • Mental Health services

  • Learning disabilities

  • Care of the elderly, including dementia care

  • Care of sick children 

  • Mental Capacity Act 2015

  • Equality Act 2010

  • Environment safety 

  • Infection Prevention and Control 

  • Primary medical services

  • Community healthcare

  • Governance 

  • Health, social care and education legislation

  • Board development 

  • Strategic and operational functions 

  • Executive coaching 

  • Keynote speaking 

  • Training

  • Quality Improvement

  • Leadership support 

  • Education leadership 

  • Primary, secondary and post-16 education 

  • Special Education 

  • Independent education 

care of elderly
maternity services
primary medical services

We aim to use the expertise and experience within your service to drive improvement activity. We recognise that to journey towards excellence, the staff and leaders need to walk together to address the barriers they know are blocking the pathway. That might be a specific skill gap but is more likely to be about resources, priorities, behaviours and attitudes.  We see our role as helping providers determine what it is that stops them being outstanding and support the staff team to address that by building on good practice and addressing shortcomings. 

That is not always a comfortable or easy path, but does reap rewards for everyone associated with a service. We won't wrap it up in flowery language or complicated methodologies. We will simply ask providers and staff to reflect honestly to understand how well they are performing and how they can be even better . 

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