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Salt of the Earth Consulting 

Salt of the Earth Consulting is an affiliated limited company offering specialist consultancy and service assessment, board development and executive mentoring or coaching.  We maintain a strong focus in the realms of education and healthcare leadership. 


Support is by bespoke negotiation and can be flexed to meet the needs of individuals and services.  We have wide experience in public, voluntary and private sectors from across the world.  


We are very happy to discuss your requirements and our fee structure .  We do offer some 'off the peg' packages as a guide to what might be available.  


Our services are very much in demand and whilst we hope to be able to support as many services as possible, we do sometimes operate a short waiting list. 


Please contact us for more information, including a phone number where we can reach you. 


Standard coaching and mentoring package

We offer ongoing support and coaching to new and experienced leaders and managers. 

What we have found works well is a monthly or six-weekly programme of coaching by face-to-face telephone or video meetings alongside more reactive support. The mentor will be happy to talk or support between the planned sessions and help with complex decision making, bounce ideas or decide how to react to specific situations.  

What we provide is an objective and supportive ear approach that draws the answers from the coachee; the service is delivered by people with sector specific expertise.  We charge an annual fee for the service.

professional coaching for leaders

Board development 

We have significant expertise in working with board members to help organisations develop improved performance and better governance. 

We offer both challenge and support, with a review of board dynamics and a reflective approach to helping boards develop increased awareness of the performance as individuals and as a group. 

We do not offer a standardised way of working but use our skills and knowledge to help organisations identify what is working well and to consider where there is scope for development.  We can then offer support in creating a board action plan with monitoring, to help address any areas of concern or where a board wants to move to the next level of practice. 

Please email with a phone number to talk to us about your specific requirements. 

Board and leadership team development

International support and speaking

We have expertise in supporting and advising individuals and organisations across the world.  Countries we have worked with include China (including Hong Kong), India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Qatar, USA, South Africa and Chile.  We have also worked in a number of European countries including Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Ireland and Iceland.


Our work has included keynote speeches, professional organisation advice and ambassadorial work with international governments. Please use the contact form for international enquiries. 

International consultancy
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