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Independent Reviews

Fair    Objective    Expert    People-focused    Evidence-based   Independent 

Independent review of complaints 

We can offer an  independent review of complaints. This might be where the internal processes are not reaching a resolution or in a small organisation where objectivity is harder to establish.  We can help with both root cause investigation of individual complaints and with trend analysis. We also offer a review of the complaint process to help identify where improvements can be made and where there can be greater learning opportunities identified. 

Incident reviews

We can help you and your staff maximise the learning around incidents. From coaching staff through the investigation process and reviewing the quality of your investigation reports,  to carrying out root cause analysis and trend analysis reviews, our teams provide the support and  challenge to ensure that lessons are learned and embedded in practice. 

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Audit and Thematic reviews

If you want to understand the effectiveness of your governance systems and oversight of the quality of service delivery, we can help you. 

Our associates can provide independent and supportive reviews of your policies and how these are effected in practice.  We offer reviews of how well information is escalated and disseminated across the organisation. 

Our work can be very focused, looking at one aspect of service delivery and governance or can be more wide ranging, including a review of the Board Assurance Framework or other board reporting mechanisms. 

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