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Decompression coaching

Our consultant coaches are ILM qualified coaches with extensive experience of health and social care leadership. They can support executives and senior leaders to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and support them to rebuild their resilience. Supported leaders are more likely to lead a culture where staff thrive and outcomes improve. 

Independent Investigation

We are happy to supply experts with a sound understanding of patient safety incidents, risk and complaints to offer an independent review of individual complaints and patient safety incidents. We can also offer a review of the systems that support good governance of incidents and complaints, including ensuring the duty of candour requirement are met. 

Improvement reviews

Our improvement reviews help providers and staff teams identify areas of good practice that can be built on and strengthened. They are thorough and provide an independent deep dive of the quality of care and treatment being provided.  Focusing on the experience of people using the service, or part of a service, our expert teams can offer assurance to providers and leaders whilst enabling them to react to any areas where improvement may be needed. 

Group coaching 

We offer facilitated group coaching that encourages discussion and debate amongst senior leaders. Our team analysis helps boards and leadership teams become more self aware, recognising the strengths of individuals and the team. That allows exploration of areas for growth and areas of dissent in a safe and independently facilitated environment, 


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