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Who we are 

Towards Outstanding is a limited company built on the principle that all services can, and should, provide excellent care.


It's about learning through reflection and sharing outstanding practice. 


Terri Salt, author and founder of the Towards Outstanding brand, sits amongst the most experienced regulators of health and social care in England.  


Terri is a registered adult and sick children's nurse and qualified coach, with postgraduate qualifications in public sector leadership, adult education and healthcare.  


She is also a regular contributor to the British Journal of Nursing. 


In 2019, Terri started to create Towards Outstanding with the help of our publishers Pavilion Publishing. The series of books focus on sharing best practice and helping providers understand what an outstanding service looks and feels like.  

The feedback from the books led to the idea that providers needed to find ways to support their staff to develop their reflective practice skills. 


People told us it was difficult to teach self-awareness and reflection and even harder to embed it as part of everyday practice. They acknowledged that having a reflective team, committed to learning and improving was the only way to excellence, but weren't sure how to make this happen.  


Our certificated courses and bespoke training help address that problem. 

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