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Why do our courses?

Reflective Practice is an important part of revalidation for all registered health and care practitioners in the United Kingdom.  Our courses support staff to build reflection skills and prepare for revalidation .  


It goes beyond that though, the Care Quality Commission requires regulated services in England to provide evidence that their staff and organisations learn when things go wrong.. Our courses help staff feel confident when preparing for inspections; they will have thought about situations and considered the learning from them. They can share that learning with inspection team members with credibility and good examples.


More than that it enables staff to recognise and build on good practice, to address shortcomings and improve practice and to share ideas more widely. 


Staff coming together to reflect helps with team building and creates an open, trusting culture; it encourages staff to think,  to question, to innovate and gives a way to share ideas and raise concerns in an appropriate manner.  


Completing and assessed course and gaining a certificate builds confidence.  Providers who support staff to complete training sends a message that they are valued and worth investing in. Staff who feel valued and who are confident to speak up are more likely to deliver good care. It becomes cyclical. 

The courses are set at different levels making them suitable for people working at all levels within health and social care; our method of learning is bound tightly with the idea that learning should be accessible to all and should be a lifelong process.   In the course details, there is a suggestion about who might benefit from each level. 

Courses can be completed by individuals, small groups working together or as part of an organisation's learning. There are suitable options for all grades of staff, students, volunteers and board members.

Whilst individuals can work alone, we think this learning programme is best completed as part of a group. Providers are encouraged to provide in-house support or tutors for cohorts of participants. If providers wish us to support  staff training programme or to provide a bespoke package, please contact us.


Once payment is received, participants will receive the course handbook, with full details of how to complete and submit their portfolio.

NB These certificated programmes are not taught, but are assessed portfolios of self or group directed learning. 

The courses are applicable to all health and social care settings and can easily be adapted for use in educational or non-regulated services. 


Reduced rates may be negotiable for groups of over 10 participants,  

Our course details 

We offer three levels of course, designed to enable access by participants at all levels of their careers and with varied prior academic attainment,  We believe everyone should be able to engage with reflective learning regardless of their starting point. 

All courses require participants to have completed all the required mandatory training for their role.  

Use the buttons below to access details of each course level. 

Improving healthcare
Sharing reflection and learning
Improving health and social care services
Doctors, nurses, care staff, leaders
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