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Board and leadership reviews. 

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We offer an independent improvement and development review of board and senior leadership in health, social care and education providers.  Our reviews can help providers address areas of cultural anomalies and help them understand why there are pockets of underperformance or places where staff surveys show that a team or directorate is an outlier. We can help leaders understand situations where a negativity holds back organisational excellence. 

Our expert teams bring skills and knowledge that has been gained through personal senior leadership and board experience together with experience of the regulatory frameworks of the Care Quality Commission, Ofsted and other national regulators. 

  • We tailor the team composition to the needs of the service and ensure our team has sector specific knowledge.

  • We look at the leadership effectiveness from an operational perspective

  •  We base our review on key areas such as leadership quality, relationships and capacity, governance, vision and strategy as well as innovation, culture and sustainability. 

  • We operate a values based approach and consider how well boards and senior leaders uphold organisational values and the impact this has on outcomes for people using the service. 

  • We use a hybrid approach of on-site, board or management observation,  virtual and documentary review to gain a holistic picture that is a true reflection of the quality of leadership of the organisaiton. 

Our reviews suit small, medium and large providers and we are able to tailor our approach to offer a bespoke package for each service. 

For a discussion about how we can help support your vision of excellence through outstanding leadership, please contact us using the contact information or button below. 

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