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Certificate in Reflective Practice 

The Certificate is an assessed programme of reflection aimed at people who are new to reflective practice.


There is no requirement for prior learning or academic qualifications.


Participants submit a portfolio of reflection that enables them to demonstrate that they understand what reflective practice means and how it can improve outcomes.


it is envisaged that completion of the portfolio will be completed within six months, but can be finished in a much shorter time.


Completion can be done as individual participants working alone, as part of small 'in-house' group. At this level it is better if the focus is on a single service and building better practice within one establishment.

Who is the certificate suitable for?

The certificate is the first level qualification designed for those new to reflective practice. It  may suit those new to professional learning or returning after a significant gap.


It requires participants to reflect on their own values, how these affect their work and how they can use their behaviours and attitudes to improve how they work.  Participants are required to complete a reflective diary over a short period and write some basic assignments that are not marked on use of English. 

The course may suit;

  • Care assistants and healthcare assistants

  • Associate nurses

  • Overseas staff on adaptation programmes

  • Volunteers in clinical settings

  • Students 

  • Preceptorship programmes 

  • Receptionists 

  • Porters

  • Return to practice staff 

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